A day in Brenham

Yesterday I spent the day with some of the coolest people I know, my Mom and three of my good friends. After picking them all up we drove to a cute little restaurant called “Must Be Heaven”.  After eating a great lunch we hit the shops. One of the first stores we went to was a resale book store, which for me is one of the most amazing places in the world because 1. I love reading and 2. Books are just awesome. Anyway, one of my friends was able to find four Shakespeare novels that looked like they had seen better days, but hey, a used book shows character.  We shopped for another hour and a half before we decided that it was time to get ice cream so we made our way back to “Must Be Heaven” and into the ice cream parlor part of the store.  It did take us a while to decide on what flavors of ice cream we would eat but one way or another we did figure it out.  After enjoying our ice cream we were off to the park!

Now let me emphasize on how cool my friends are. I mean, how many teenagers do you know that would run around a playground (in dresses and skirts) going down slides that are much to small for all of us,play on a seesaw,and all the while adults looking at us like we are insane.  Not many would do that.  But that’s exactly what my friends and I did and had a blast.

Now it’s time to say that how much I love the fact that my Mom is spontaneous. After we were done at the park one of my friend’s jokingly suggested that we go swimming and my mom said “Let’s go!”. So an hour later we ended up at the pool.

Long story short words won’t be able to capture how  much fun yesterday was.



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