Summer Adventures

Okay, even though the first day of summer isn’t till tomorrow, but either way I  must give my definition of a Summer Adventure. For me enjoying summer doesn’t mean taking a nice vacation and going to the beach (as fun as that sounds). No, summer for me means lounging around on the couch watching chick-flicks, reading books or just writing in my journal. I can definitely have an adventure with a book. Another thing that a Summer Adventure can be is helping out at my church’s art camp, discovering how lacking my artistic skills are. Which is something that I did this week. My church had an art camp for the 1st through 5th graders, and I helped out. The first day the kids painted T-shirts and made bookmarks. I too made a T-shirt and lets just say even though my Dad is a great painter I don’t think I inherited many of his skills. I was told by my good friend that my shirt looked like a mosaic. Day Two had the kids making dogs out of clothespins that turned out to be really cute, though I chose not to make one, instead I went around refilling water bowls for the paintbrushes. The next thing that the kids did was paint turtles (don’t worry, they weren’t alive, they were fake). We had some very creative kids, one turtle had a pink shell and a white body another had a metallic purple shell with white polka dots (my personal favorite). After the kids did a few more crafts my art camp adventure was over.


One thought on “Summer Adventures

  1. melissa says:

    the main point of art is not whether or not you’re any good, but whether you enjoyed making it and either the product or the process spoke to you. TAKE THAT ART HATERS \m/

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