Dinner with my family

So, have you ever been with your family, going out to dinner to a certain restaurant and then when you get that restaurant there’s a 25 to 30 minute wait, so no go. Well, that would be my family tonight. After realizing that our first choice was out, we were back in the car trying to decide where we would go instead.

“We could go to La Hacienda.” Mom says.

“No, I don’t like that place. There’s always iHop.” Michael says.

” iHop doesn’t sound good.” Our boarder and I say.

“Okay then we could go to… chipotle!” I say

“There’s always five guys.” Mom says.

“Let’s just go to five guys then.” I say, and we are all in agreement until we find out that it upsets Michaels stomach. So then we finally make a decision and head to smash burger. Then there’s always the funny stuff at the table. By the time dinner is over it’s been announced that Michael has a hard shoulder, we’ve discovered a verse in the Bible about winking, I’ve said that I’m envious of Michaels eyebrows (don’t ask), and a movie has been quoted. And that would be a typical dinner with my family.




2 thoughts on “Dinner with my family

  1. SimonieMacaroni says:

    You seriously are envious of your brother’s eyebrows??? You never cease to make me laugh. So sorry I missed you today! I love you!
    ~The Pineapple 😉

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