The Boot

Good morning to all! I have a tale to tell about my friend Hannah and I.  Believe it or not, this is a true story, none of the facts have been changed.  So here is goes.

It was a bright and sunny day roughly two years ago.  Hannah and I had just been hanging out with our friend Lauren, but then Lauren had to leave so we off on our own.  Well, it was a nice hot day out so we had nothing better to do than walk down to the giant culvert that was about a mile away from Hannah’s house.  The culvert was so large that we could stand up in it without having to hunch over, it was pretty awesome.  Well, anyway we were innocently just walking around in there, writing our names in the dust, you know, just having fun. Then while I was just being goofy Hannah finds something that looks like a boot sticking out of the sand. So she picked it up and turned it over and out comes a mixture of sand and bones. She screams, I go over and inspect it and sure enough, a few rather large bones and a few little ones. We made our way out of that culvert faster than you could say uh… culvert? Anyway, we rushed back to Hannah’s house and breathlessly explained the situation to her parents. Then we were instructed to go back and take pictures of the boot and bones. So we reluctantly did so and then went back home, and after Hannah’s Dad looked over the pictures he saw Then after that he saw that we weren’t just being dramatic, her Dad ended up calling the police. In the mean time you should have seen us while we waited for the officer to arrive. Poor Hannah was a mess, she was pacing back and forth and was all anxious, we were both worried that someone had died in there, and then there was me. I was just sitting on a rock sort of stunned. Then to make things better Hannah’s Mom said enthusiastically “Hey it’s good writing material!” (And hey! What do you know, two years later it was!). Anyway finally the police officer arrived, he even had a vicious looking dog in his car. After the man got the run down on what was going on we all headed down to the culvert. He made Hannah and I waited while he searched down there in the culvert. Then after five terrible minutes of waiting, he came back out and said that they were hog bones. Yep.  All that for a bunch of hog bones. Then for our trouble, he gave Hannah and I a lecture on how we shouldn’t go exploring in culverts. That was my summer adventure of the year 2012. I hope you enjoyed hearing about it.

He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
—Philippians 1:6


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