The Carb Flu

So, my Mom, Dad and I are all going on a thirty day Paleo diet. Meaning we can’t eat any form of unnatural sugar, no grains (I miss you bread already!), no legumes (basically beans and peanuts), no dairy (not even butter! But then again… I have no bread to put it on…) and nothing processed. Basically we are surviving on meat, a lot of vegetables and fruit. Today was day one, and we all did pretty good. Except I have a case of carb flu. Meaning I laid on the sofa for an hour and half with stomach pains, cold chills, hot chills and headaches. It was bad… But I guess that’s what you have to put up with when changing your diet, and I know that the first three days are going to be the worst. I’m just keeping in mind that the outcome will be worth it. I’ve had tendonitis or thoracic outlet (we aren’t really sure which, maybe some of both)  for almost a year and a half. We’ve tried physical therapy, resting it and anti inflammatories, and I still have it.  But we read a book and in the book there was a man who had tendonitis for two years and after six weeks of diet change it went completely away! So now I’m hoping that this will fix my arm, and hey, if it doesn’t perhaps after thirty days I’ll come away with a slightly flatter stomach :). Anyway, I’ll keep y’all updated on my diet progress.


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