The Golden Stairway to the Clouds

The Golden Stairway to the Clouds

By Ames


My window is open; a spring breeze causes my curtains to flutter around.

The world is alive, full of birds and animals making their sounds, but I can’t be a part of it.


I sit at my desk, a gust of wind causing my algebra and writing assignments to fly away.

I get up to close my window and I see it, my escape, a golden stairway to the clouds.


Stepping out my window, and onto the majestic stairway, I feel free as a bird, ready to fly.

I run up the stairway, the air is clear and beautiful, nothing can hold me back.


The top of the stairway I can now see, what is at the top I yearn to know.

Up, up, up I go.


I’m at the top, I catch my breath, I’m amazed.

I’ve never seen anything like it; it will not leave me unfazed.


At the top of the golden stairway there’s sweet music and never ending, beautiful sunshine.

There’s a waterfall in the distance I hear children giggling and playing.


When I get there I join in on the fun, we run and play all the day,

All my cares have been casted away, and it feels like they are never to be seen again.


Suddenly the sun begins to go down and somehow I just know that it’s time to go home, ever so slowly I begin my walk back to the golden stairway.


As I walk to the stairway I see a golden rose, I pick it and smell it’s beautiful sweet fragrance.

I’m at the golden stairway now, not ready to leave, but I know I must.

The first step must have been the hardest.

The walk down the stairway feels longer than the walk up, by the time I reach my window the moon is so large and close, I feel as if I could just reach out and touch it.

Before I crawl into my bed I place the golden rose into a book to dry.

I know that the golden stairway to the clouds will never return, but at least I’ll have a piece of it, forever.

Every time I feel stressed about anything now I take out the golden rose, it is still as fragrant and lovely as ever, its smell always cheers me and brings me back to the time that I went up the golden stairway to the clouds.

I wrote this a while back, I guess it’s a mix between a poem and a prose. I hope you enjoyed it!


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