A short retelling of a love story

There once was a girl named Carolin, and she met a boy named Burny, and they decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Well, one day Burny and Carolin wanted to go horse back riding at Carolin’s house. Well when they got there Carolin’s sixteen year old sister Martha saw that they were going riding  and told her Mother of their plans, “Mamma, Carolin, Burny and his friend Charles all want to go horse back riding, but we have these turkeys that must be plucked today.” Well, Carolin and Martha’s Mother declared that there would be no horse riding until the turkey’s were plucked. As the foursome plucked turkey’s Martha and Charles began to get to know each other. That was in June, then in November Charles went off to Vietnam to serve his country as a cook in the army. The two years that he was gone Martha faithfully wrote him letters, and when he returned they were married. That was 53 years ago….



4 thoughts on “A short retelling of a love story

  1. The Pineapple says:

    That is such a wonderful story…
    I pray that one day I will be married way past 53 years. Jesus, send my friend and I amazing men that will love us until the end of time!

    • Ames says:

      Awww your so sweet! I think the key to that is to just wait. Wait for him to send us these amazing men who are hopefully in our future.

      The Mango

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