A Melody Beneath the Sky

A Melody Beneath the Sky

By Amy 

Music, I can hear it in the in woods, I can hear it in the field that I’m in, and I hear it as the  wind sends a cool breeze to sing with the flute.

The sound is clear and beautiful even as I walk through the fields of wheat.

Even though the music is far away it makes me want to give a salute.

Instead I get up and dance upon my feet

I jump into the air, spin around and let out a cry of joy.

The music becomes louder, the violins  join the flute and the breeze.

The rhythm becomes faster and I look up from my dancing and realize I am not alone, I smile and join hands with a boy.

We dance awhile but then he pulls his hands away and he’s gone. Him and the music.  The air suddenly goes cold and I fear that I’m going to freeze.

I shiver as the moon makes it’s appearance, but it’s the moon alone, no stars, where could they be? Did they disappear?

I lay back on the cold ground wondering why everything was so right then everything went entirely wrong.

I touch my face and feel something wet. A tear.

That’s when I start singing, singing my out my sorrows, singing my song.

Suddenly the stars come out, one by one. It seems as if each star is brighter than the last the music comes again louder and more beautiful than ever.

I wait to see if the boy will return, he never did, but that is okay, because I now I have music in me,



So I just wrote this. If you can’t tell, I love music!


2 thoughts on “A Melody Beneath the Sky

  1. MonieMacaroni/Da Pineapple says:

    OMG mango!!! Your writing is becoming more and more beautiful! I know I haven’t been keeping up to date on your blog so I haven’t seen this until today. It was beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost burned the biscuits I was making for my family because I thought it was so wonderful!😄 Keep using that gift my sister!!!!! I love you.

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