“Should I reread this?”

  This post is in response to The Daily Post
“Should I reread this book, or not? Probably not.” Is probably what a lot of people say.
“Wow… (sniff, sob, wail) that was a good book.” I say as I close the book. Then I turn it over and begin to reread it.
Okay, I don’t do that all the time, but there have been a few books that I have reread literally six times. Granted,most of those crazy rereads were when I was young and they were simple chapter books, now I tend to read a book at the max of four times. Depending how good it is.
But if today I were to start rereading a book  it would probably be the novel “Cross Roads” by Paul Young. I think that the reason I would reread again (if I did that would make it my third time to read it) is because it’s refreshing and just very true to life and character. Now let me break that down.
Character: In this novel Mr. Young takes God, Jesus and the Holy spirit and makes them feel personal. He takes their true characteristics and turns them into something beautiful.  For instance God is refered to as “Papa God” and the Holy Spirit (weird as it sounds, please don’t judge until you read it) is refered to as “Grandmother”.
Life: The main characters lives aren’t perfect, their lives are real. They go through trials and pain. The main character Tony, is by no means a Christian. He is  miserly, selfish and an alcoholic.
Refreshing: (sigh) By the time I was done, I felt happy-ish sad. But I also felt closer to God.
Anyway, I’ve said my peace, and that it is certainly a book that I’m going to read again soon.

One thought on ““Should I reread this?”

  1. melissa says:

    I reread a lot of my books. Most of the ones I liked I’ll reread at some point, really, but I have some I reread fairly often and occasionally some I’ll even reread immediately (those are usually the fluff books. The books that make me think, I need time to ruminate).

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