That Still Small Voice

Today as I sat in the garage of my employers house waiting for the bus that carried the two children that I am supposed to watch, I realized that God has been speaking to me. They say that the Holy Spirit speaks in a “still small voice”. Well they’re right. Before I left for the bus stop I went up to my room and got my water bottle, I thought about bringing it with me but decided “Nah, won’t need it, I won’t be there long.” I also thought about changing from my sweatpants into a pair of shorts “I’ll be fine, I’ll only be waiting for five minutes.” then my last idea that I (once again) decided against was to bring a school book or two so that I could get some extra homework done. But I convinced myself that I wouldn’t need it, it’s not like I’ll have any down time while watching two hyper little boys. Well, was I ever mistaken. I stood out at the bus stop in 101 degree weather under the scorching sun waiting for thirty minutes. Then my employer called to tell me that right in front of the bus that the boys were in was a horrific car accident, it would be awhile. So I moved into the garage and waited for another half hour, cooking in the heat (boy, those shorts and water bottle would have been just lovely) doing absolutely nothing except waiting   Then finally I moved into the house and waited some more. Well, at last the bus got there and the kids stumbled out all hot and sweaty, but safe.

I could honestly get mad that I had to wait for an hour and a half, but instead I’m going to think about the lesson that I learned. I’m starting to learn what that still small voice sounds like, and how next time I can choose to listen to it.

Anyway, happy Monday to all, this is Ames, signing out.

Job 37:5

God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways;
    he does great things beyond our understanding.



4 thoughts on “That Still Small Voice

  1. MonieMacaroni/Da Pineapple says:

    Thank God the little boys were safe!
    How are the people that were in the accident? Are they okay too???

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