Things that bring me joy

These are things that bring me joy…

1. Children that enjoy being read to.

Today I brought my copy of “The magicians Nephew” with me to read to the  boys that I babysit. I watch them in the morning and in the afternoon. This morning as I read to them they were completely absorbed in the story. When finished with the first chapter I asked the boys if they would like me to read to them again tomorrow morning and they said yes. Well, better yet they asked me this afternoon if I would read them the second chapter :).

2. Paper Plates.

Yeah, I’m weird, but I love paper plates. They make life so much more… simple.

3. Nature Shows.

As I write this my family and I are watching some sort of nature show that’s on pelicans, dolphins wales and devil fish. Though, I find for the devil fish I find that the word devil isn’t suitable. We were watching them and they were jumping up into the air and doing flips, simply having fun. 

(This picture is not mine, I found it on Wikipedia all credit goes to Wikipedia)



Anyway, those are somethings that bring me joy 😀 


One thought on “Things that bring me joy

  1. wilsonpatx says:

    It is so neat that you are reading to the boys. It is one of the ways you pass you the love of books!

    Children and especially babies bring me joy!

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