Mirror, Mirror, you left my wall?!

The Mirror Crack’d

You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

My alarm begins to blare, I groan, shut it off and roll out of bed. I look out my window and see that the sun is shining brightly. Just perfect for my big job interview. I take a quick shower, get dressed and when it’s time to do my hair and makeup I notice something. My mirror is GONE. I run down the stairs to the other bathroom, no mirror.

“Where did it go!?” I pull out my smartphone and try to see my reflection in it, but there was no hint of my face. I then take drastic measures and dial a number.

“Hello? Yes this is an emergency, I think someone broke in and stole my mirrors last night, and I have an interview… and… and…” The operator lady then interrupted my panicking and told me that everyone else in the world were missing mirrors (including herself) and that my problem did not qualify as an emergency. Then she hung up. 

“My life is over.” I say, and head back up the stairs to attempt to put on my makeup and do my hair, hoping for the best. 


“Amy, you look… Awful.” Oh yes, Jane, always the friend who says it like it is. “How bad?” I ask, I shouldn’t have attempted to put on any eyeliner, I knew it. 

“Well, you have a bit to much blush, over there, your hair is a wreck, and you have toothpaste on your forehead. But besides that, you look great.” Said Jane. 

“Ha! Thanks, no wonder I got turned down for the job. I think I’m going to go home and sleep until someone re invents mirrors.” I said walking away rubbing my forehead, attempting to remove the dried on paste. As I walked home I thought about how awful my day had been, in between trying to see my reflection in the window of another persons car (realizing after standing there for a minute that there was actually someone in the car) and getting turned down for the job, it had been borderline horrible. I wondered how everyone else was taking it. Most of the people I had seen looked the way Jane described me; discombobulated and messy. 

When I finally reached home, I crawled back into bed, prayed that mirrors would be restored to humanity, promising to do my best to not be vain, ever, ever, again.


Well, this was my response to today’s daily prompt. I had fun writing it and I hope you enjoyed reading it. 


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