Quirks that define

What quirk defines you? Here is something that I have noticed about myself and my family, we each have something constant that we do, I’m sure everyone else does too, but here are the quirks that make us different. 

I will start with my Mom. I have titled her “The Silverware Drawer Cleaner” every time we clean the house she finds a draw and she will spend an hour or two on one draw, (this may be a slight exaggeration). But I will be cleaning and I’ll come in to the kitchen where Mamma has been for awhile and find a drawer that is perfectly orderly. This is something that she has always done, and I love this about her.

On to Dad, here is something that he has always done. He loves him some sauce! Whether it’s on his burger, BBQ, enchiladas or anything, there MUST be extra sauce. The saucier the better :D.

Now about my brother Michael, and honestly this one I find to be just plain comical. So, Michael can really enjoy his dinner, he will eat and then be done. But when I got to clean his dish I always find one bite left. Always. It doesn’t matter what he’s eaten, he leaves his one signature bite on the plate. 

Here is something about myself that I suppose is a quirk. I am extremely task oriented. I like checking things off. For instance, I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything until I have placed a check mark on my school schedule. And if there is anything left on my schedule that I didn’t get done, I feel stressed about it until I am done with it. 

Well there you have it! You have learned something new about me, and I hope you enjoyed it 🙂


Jeremiah 31:25
I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.



4 thoughts on “Quirks that define

  1. melissa says:

    One of mine is that I am one of those people that doesn’t like their food to touch on the plate. Peter loves to tease me about it. I don’t mind certain things touching – Indian food, Mexican food, various flavors of Asian food I don’t mind all running together, as well as Thanksgiving (except for the raspberry pretzel salad, that has to stay separate).

    I also hate disposable plates, sorry, I know it’s your thing 😉 but it sort of ruins my meal to think about how wasteful I’m being. It bothers me enough that we put out as much garbage as we do, but we don’t have recycling available. Paper napkins/paper towels bother me even more – I keep paper towels at the house for a few very specific things, but for most things I use a washable kitchen towel, and paper napkins are outright banned from my house.

    I also make up cat hymns.

    One of Peter’s quirks is that he doesn’t like cake (I don’t get that excited about it either), but he loved the blackberry cobbler I made recently.

    • melissa says:

      Well, I have two, currently. One of them is to the same tune as “Bringing In the Sheaves” – the title is “Poopin’ in the Box” (I have a cat who has trouble with this so there’s some legit context). The first one I made up is to the tune of “Come, Christians, Join To Sing” and it goes thusly:

      Come, kitties, time to eat
      Allelujah, amen
      Mom gives us tasty treats
      Allelujah, amen
      Let all with kitty voice
      Before our food rejoice
      Come kitty girls and boys
      Allelujah, amen

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