10 Minutes

Ready, Set, Done

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

Today’s daily prompt says that I should write about anything I would like for ten minutes. Well, I’m already down to eight minutes and not sure what to write about. For the first two minutes I sat here writing then pressing the delete button. Anyway, for lack of inspiration I will speak of the weather.

Today we had a crazy day of rain, there was a mini river flowing through our side yard this morning. The one thing that always comes to mind when it rains heavily is the story of Noah’s ark. I mean, I know the rain that we experienced today was nothing compared to what Noah and his family saw (or I guess, floated through). I mean, seriously, it rained NON STOP for forty days and forty nights, talk about wet!

Okay, I still have three minutes to go!

I guess I’ll discuss school. School has been going decently for me. I’m currently reading “Romeo and Juliet”. Its very…violent, and poetic, thee, thou, etc. But honestly, the book is pretty true to life, I mean there’s this major feud between to families, and their hatred towards the other family is so great that they are willing to kill each other!

My time is basically up! Hope you enjoyed!


3 thoughts on “10 Minutes

  1. melissa says:

    Romeo and Juliet is good stuff. Stories where the major plot upset could be completely resolved by some communication frustrate me, but it’s a great story about the tragedy of prejudice. I especially love the version that was done in the 90s with Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes….fantastic modernization of the story (the modern setting with the original language is a bit jarring at first but you’d be surprised how quickly you get used to it). It does a great job of bringing to the story to life (and it’s soooo 90s), and it has one of the best and most romantic “boy meets girl” scenes of any movie EVERRRRR.

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