Day Three at the Beach: Seashells and Sunshine

Day Three at the Beach:

I got up this morning at about 8:30 AM, and it was glorious. After I got up this morning my mom made breakfast an it had everything including bacon. Bacon. Beautiful bacon. Then after breakfast I finished reading this reading this book called “A Woman’s Place” By Lynn Austin. The novel was about four women right after the bombing at Pearl Harbor which was a good book but it brought up a lot of thought provoking ideas about war and life.

After that Michael and I walked down to the beach looking at different shells, I am yet to find a whole sand dollar. The weather was pretty nice today, besides it being windy. While Michael and I were down at the beach, Mom and Dad drove to a shop to get some fresh shrimp. Did I mention that I love fresh shrimp? Then when they got home I helped Mom peel them, smelly work, but it certainly paid off. Once that was done we were back to the waves.

When I say back to the waves it may sound like we are these cool, experienced surfers who are totally awesome (which I wish were true), but no. I meant that we got back into the water, floating around, attempting to ride the waves, crashing into the waves, the waves crashing into us etc.

We did some other stuff, but I won’t put you through every single detail of my day. After going swimming everyone was starved. So, Mom fried up some shrimp and then I helped make the SHRIMP FETTUCCINE ALFREDO. (If you can’t tell, I love food). I will say no more, but allow you to look upon the pictures of our dinner which is now happy in our stomachs.


Hungry yet?

Oh yes! We also found some cool shells and here is basically the pictures of my day, and I am now off to hang with my family, G’nigt all!!

2dabeach 2dabeach2 todabeahc4 shells1 shells2 shells3 sunset2sunset


2 thoughts on “Day Three at the Beach: Seashells and Sunshine

  1. MonieMacaroni/Da Pineapple says:

    You take the most wonderful pictures. You are giving me something to dream of when my English teacher is carrying on about something… THANK YOU!!!

    I’m sooooooo glad y’all had a good vacation. I love all of your family!!! 😘

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