Family, grass, life

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Free Association.”

Thunder cracked in the swiftly blackening sky. The family had planted the seeds, now it was up to the rain to do its job.

 Large drops of water began to fall from the sky and the foursome all tumbled into their small home. The family sat down in their house and began to eat the meal that their mother had prepared for them. Praying that it would not be their last.

Stomachs full, the family trekked upstairs and began to prepare for bed, the rain still pouring. As they were getting ready to turn off the lights, they noticed that the  youngest child of six was missing. They searched upstairs and did not find him so went back down stairs. There he was. Sitting in front of a large window gazing out.

“Timmy, what are you doing?” The Mother began to pick up the child but stopped as he said,

“Wait! Mamma look, its growing!” And so it was. The very seeds that they had just planted were shooting up left and right. Some even appeared to be ready to harvest. The plants were green and lush.

“We will have food, and we will survive!”

How the rain made the plants grow quickly, no one will ever know, but the family will live in perfect harmony for the rest of their lives.


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