You Know Me (A Prose)


You Know Me (A Prose)

March 27 2015


I was walking by a river, admiring the beauty of it, wondering how it could be. When I was stopped by a man who spoke to me and told me all that I now know.

He said “It was I who made this, and I who treasured it, I who knew it would lead to this moment.”

“This moment?”  I had no reason to trust the man, but no reason to not, so when he said “Follow me” I said “Why not?”

The man took me by the hand, and led me up a mountain and though in silence we walked his voice rang out. “In love I formed you, in love I raised you, and in love I have guided you.”

Struck deeply by the simple words that were uttered in my heart, I continued the climb.

Though I had never seen his face I felt I knew him. His gentle eyes and quiet smile made me ask,

“Who are you?”

Then turning his weathered face to me said

“You know me.”


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