I see His favor

I See His Favor

From sunrise to sunset, morning to evening, this journey that I’m on has taken up a new meaning.
The road has been long and tiresome, but its been worth it all the same.
There have been perils and dangers, and they often left me screaming
At first my search was one of treasure, self gain, and fame

But after hunting, I found that there was much more than I ever could have imagined there being,
My life was a mystery, a conundrum in itself
But then I discovered the truth of it, and was taken out of the dark, I was finally seeing,
There was more to this life than self purpose and wealth

There was this thing called love that I had never heard of before,
More and more I find myself, wishing, dreaming, hoping for it, waiting for there to be a door,
I stood on a hill top, and looked out over the shore,
saying “I’m loved, I’m loved, I fear it no more”

I thank my Lord, My God, My Savior,
for after this journey I see his favor.


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