The Dream Catcher

The Dream Catcher

Put me on an airplane, stick me in a boat.

The sky is clear and the water’s swift,

the airplane leads to my daydreams,

and the boat to what seems to be my destiny.

I mount the trembling deck, breath in the ocean air,

ready for anything, be it love or death,

For though my face is calm, my soul is like a hurricane.

Night has fallen and the air is crisp,

my dreams float about and I try to catch them.

All but one seems to be just out of my reach.

It dances and laughs with glee,

my hands seem to be able to grasp everything but it.

But alas, it is mine.

I leave the boat, my dream in tow

I wait eagerly for my next adventure,

for I am the Dream Catcher


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