In the Quiet of My Soul

In the Quiet of My Soul


In the secret, in the quiet, my heart turns to you.

Shutting the door to chaos, I block out their words.

My gaze falls to the ocean blue.

I have heard that even you Lord, care about the birds.


So put a song in my heart,

give rest to my weary soul,

for I know that I am a work of art,

but some of the colors the world has stole.


I used to have many colors, colors of white and green and many others unseen, but those I now lack

but the world is nasty, and has given me stains,

so white turned into gray and gray into black, oh if only I could get those back

I beg you Lord, cleanse me with your healing rains.


He came with a swoop, taking all of my sorrows away,

changing me for the better, so that I’ll never forget this day.


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