The Novel Traveler

The Novel Traveler

I walked through the door, the musty air meeting me where I stand.

The place so pleasant, my soul at peace.

The aged wooden floors creaking beneath my step.

I walk beside the sturdy shelves, my fingers drifting over the binding of my familiar friends.

I find my treasure, and hold it close.

Looking around I find my place in leather chair, broken in by years of use.

Placing my legs beneath me, I prepare myself for an adventure.

Getting caught up in the moment of the tale, my eyes flutter close.

Awakening, a beautiful state of being indeed.

What do I see? Roads. Roads leading me places that I  never would have gone.

Mountains and valleys I see,

people covering ground,

but that’s not what baffles me.

A mere girl of sixteen, traveling the road and it’s all so familiar.

Her hair, her voice, her eyes, that smile.

I open my mouth, to call out, to find the truth, but as I did, this world vanished.

My eyes flew open, the book fell from my hands.

I jumped up, my heart racing,

confused to the point of desperation, I shelved the book and ran.


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