I’m back!

I have just gotten back home from one of the best weeks of my life. So allow me to elaborate upon it.

My friend Lauren and I volunteered to cook at a camp for a week. I never realized how much work it truly is. We were cooking for about thirty five people total, however, cooking was not our only task. We cleaned up the camp grounds, bathrooms, and occasionally helped with the kids. This camp is with a non-profit organization, so the parents do not have to pay to send their children there. This camp is meant for children who have rough home lives, its a place for them to get away for one week. They are given love from caring counselors, plenty of food, fun activities, and told about the love of Jesus. They are able to be children, and can run and play on beautiful camp grounds.

I learned many things this week, and one was that stress is a choice. There were a few times when working in the kitchen where things got a bit hectic, especially because Lauren and I were THE cooks for the camp. We had help here and there, but there were almost forty people relying on us for food. In the chaos of the last minute preparations I would feel myself beginning to get stressed about something, but then finally I stopped myself and realized that I didn’t gain anything by stressing out. Stress didn’t make the food cook any faster, or me or the people around me feel any better. th So in having this epiphany I took control of what I was feeling and everything went smoother.

This was also a week of discovery. I love feeding people. Watching people eat the food that I have  prepared makes my heart sing. This was an all boys camp so Lauren and I had to keep 7 teenage boys plus twenty campers fed. Not an easy task. I mean, when a 15 year old guy decides to eat six bowls of cereal, you know you’re in trouble. Unfortunately much of the food that we cooked was your average every day camp food that included hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and nachos made with canned cheese. Under normal circumstances I would not be cooking with the ingredients that were given to me ( I prefer fresh food),  and due to the fact that I can’t stomach overly processed food I lived on a steady diet of almonds, salad and beef jerky. But overall I had an amazing time, and let’s just say that there was a lot of music blasting and dancing happening in that kitchen.

I could go on for hours about my week, but I am on the brink of exhaustion so therefore am going to wrap up this post. But shall I say, I will never take indoor plumbing for granted again. The workcrew was forced to use porta-potty’s due to some plumbing issues, need I say more? Also, a blow up mattress has never felt better. Each night Lauren and I went back to her house and crashed. Literally. Each day we were more tired than the last. Our feet and legs ached from our many duties, but none of the pain we felt could take away from the satisfaction that we received in feeding these beautiful children.

But oh, this week is so full of memories, I will never forget my experiencing camp.

Here is something that I wrote while I was there, I think this can sum up my week.


See how abundant is His great love,

as He wraps his arms around these children in a Fatherly hug.

Their laughter is like music to his ears, they are treasures from heaven, so let’s wipe away their tears.

Peace is flowing in this beautiful place,

and day after day I see God’s grace.


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