“Mawage is wot brings us togeder tooday”- The Princess Bride

That is one my all time favorite movie quotes. Why? I don’t know, but its right up there with “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” and “Life is like a box of chocolates”. But I suppose that the “Mawage” quote has come up quite a bit this summer. Why? Everyone is either getting married or engaged. In fact, just today I went to a beautiful wedding. It was for my lifelong friend’s sister. A beautiful girl, inside and out, who I have had the pleasure getting to know while growing up. She’s been someone that I have always looked up to, she always has a smile and a wise word to say. Her wedding elegant and classic. The bride looked like a princess, she was practically glowing. The groom seemed just as happy as could be. One of the aspects of the wedding that I loved was that it was a Christ centered, and I know that it is symbolic of what the marriage is going to look like.

One thing that I love in particular about this couple is the way that they went about their courting/dating/building of their relationship. They met at church. Then, she left for college. While she was away, he took the oppurtunity to go spend time getting to know her family and dad. While she was away they exchanged letters (SO ROMANTIC). All throughout the relationship, however, they sought guidance from those who were older and wiser.

Today they were wed.

One thing that I especially love about the bride however is, is that this was the first guy that she has ever been in a relationship with. I know that many people probably believe that you need to date several different people casually before making such a life changing decision, but I don’t believe that, my convictions are that you should date with the intention of marriage. I believe that one must seek after God, and ask him to guide you and to help you wait for the right man.

As this quote says “A woman’s heart should be so lost in God, that a man must seek him in order to find her.”- Author Unknown


2 thoughts on ““Mawage”

  1. Monie Macaroni/ Da Pineapple says:

    Weddings are such happy occasions. So glad to know that there is two people have been blessed in God’s gift of marriage! Blessings to the happy couple!

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