Summer Adventures

Well…as usual…it’s been awhile, but hey, what’s new.

Heeeellllooooo world! Sitting down at my laptop, I was going to write just a general update about my life  but nothing that has happened recently can be spoken of in general terms. Summer hit and my life took off with a bang. First off, I committed to doing summer school on the weeks that I was at home. Why did I do such a crazy thing? On top of being out of town for four weeks? Eh. Because I can. But mainly because I wanted to catch up and get ahead in a few classes for different reasons. Honestly, it sounded extremely doable at the time and it still is, but at the same time coming home to a pile of homework after being gone for three straight weeks was not my idea of a “welcome home”. However, I in no way regret committing to it. Summer should always have a few challenges.

God has been working in my heart this summer. To start off I attended Summit Ministries. To put it simply, it changed my life. For those of you who haven’t heard of Summit, in a nutshell it is a ministry that’s goal is to provide high school but mainly college age students with worldview training with the intent of equipping them with the spiritual and Biblical tools to face the challenges of this world. Before going, I knew that I would learn but truthfully, I thought that I had most the answers already. Boy, was I wrong. After about 3 lectures it hit me just how little I knew, and that was only one of countless times that I was to be humbled by how lacking my knowledge was. But that wasn’t going to be the case for long. We had  20 speakers that were all at the top of their field and knew what they were talking about. Many of the lectures were on controversial subjects such as abortion, homosexuality, bioethics, transgenderism and pornography. Other  lectures focused more on worldviews, college prep, and marriage. The way we learned was described as “trying to drink out of fire hose”. There was a tremendous amount of information thrown at us in the two weeks that I was there, and I did not absorb near as much as I would have liked to. Every day was a new adventure, I woke up every morning with excitement not knowing what new idea I would be introduced to that day.  Not to say that everything at Summit was easy, light and enjoyable. No. By the end of the first week I was beyond exhausted this causing my asthma to rear it’s ugly head. But with the support of my friends and a lot meds and rest I was able to get through it and overall my time at Summit was beautiful. I was placed in a room with 7 other girls that were close to my age and each were precious in their own individual way. I bonded so quickly with all of them and they truly mean the world to me. Unfortunately they are scattered in different states all over the USA. One girl in particular that I met was named Jessica. I didn’t know that I needed Jessica till I met her, and now I can’t live without her friendship. I think C.S Lewis could describe the way we bonded best “Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”And that’s the way it happened. We were sitting in a field talking at one moment, eating animal crackers to be exact,  then once we realized how much we held in common we were soon pouring out our hearts to one another.  This led to us spending most of our free time together afterwards, searching through our Bibles for answers to our questions and talking through solutions for our personal struggles. I’ve never met anyone like Jessica before and I am beyond grateful that God allowed me to meet such a precious sister. I have never bonded so quickly or deeply with someone and I know that I have friend in her for life. In addition to sweet Jess, God gave me an amazing small group leader. From the very first time that I met her, I knew she was special. But then as I got to hang out with her one on one it was soon obvious that it having her as my small group leader was God ordered. We had struggled with some of the same things and she was an incredible listener and was affirming in every way. She was one of the most genuine people that I have ever met, which is such a rare quality in people these days. She gave wise advice that was so applicable to where I was at.

God knew that I needed those two weeks and he set many people in path to show me just how intimately he cares for me. Summit to changed my life. I see things from a different perspective now. I now desire to live my life with a greater purpose in mind, I no longer want my actions to amount  for the moment, I want them amount to eternity. As cliche and overused as this statement is, I mean it, I want to live every single day as if it were my last. Because the truth it, life is fragile. It is here today and gone next. The world seems to be on the edge of disaster, and it feel as if no one is doing anything about it. Well. I’m ready to be that change. To be the shining light in this dark world. I’m ready to thrive and not just survive. I was created for a purpose, and I’m going to live it out to the best that I can through the strength of my heavenly Father.

Now who’s ready to change the world with me?


“God doesn’t intend for life on earth to be endured, rather, he intends for life on this earth to be savored-every experience can be purposeful, meaningful and significant. Every day is an opportunity to discover more of him.” ~Leslie Ludy


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